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  • Almeria Sufi School (comparative critical analytical study) 

    Al-Allam, Khaled (Al-Mukhtar Journal of Social Science, 2014-03-30)
    The "Al-Muridiyya" school is one of the most important Islamic Sufi movements that influenced Islamic philosophical experience. The Al-Muridiyya school had influential thinkers in the world of Sufism. Through their profound ...
  • Higher Education and Labour Market in Libya (Descriptive and analytical study) 

    Elaokali, Zakarya Abdulla (Al-Mukhtar Journal of Social Science, 2014-03-30)
    Knowing the contribution of each sector to economic activity through understanding the size of the work-force in those sectors can help us study the needs of the labor market. Furthermore, it assists us in devel-oping plans ...
  • The role of phonemes in shaping the structure of words "An attempt to semantical-ly interpret the phenomenon of vowel alternation in Arabic morphology." 

    Muhammad, Al-Adawi Muhammad Radi (Al-Mukhtar Journal of Social Science, 2014-03-30)
    Arabic grammarians used "Mīzān al-Ṣarf" to structure words. When encountering verbs with vowel let-ters, known as "al-Muʻtall," the assigned pattern didn't apply. They investigated the vowel's origin and found that hollow ...
  • Roots of criticism 

    Naqsha, Hussein Muhammad (Al-Mukhtar Journal of Social Science, 2014-03-30)
    The research explores the authenticity of the literary human experience and its artistic and aesthetic value using descriptive analysis. It argues that criticism arises from the source from which literature originates, and ...
  • Alienation according to the poet Ibrahim Al-Usta Omar 

    Abbas, Abdul Jawad (Al-Mukhtar Journal of Social Science, 2014-03-30)
    The poet Ibrahim Al-Usta Omar complains of the estrangement that made him sad and tense, when he was not convinced of what was happening around him. His estrangement came from inside the country and not from outside it. ...
  • Population changes in the Kufra region 

    Ahmouda, Ismail Abdel-Ghani (Al-Mukhtar Journal of Social Science, 2014)
    The geographical location of the Kufra region played a very important role. In the past, it was a crossing point for many explorers and travellers to reach Africa and a meeting point for ancient caravan trade lines. This ...